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chen should turn into modern destruct intelligence. this was stated by the president of salt not survive the security council meeting in auckland on the president received the heads of both houses of parliament the prime minister the presence of security law enforcement for agencies and others at his residence the performance of the national security strategy was discussed at the march meeting. for muslims voted for the rule this show. information
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technologies are now also working in the modern way once again i want to say that in a tolerant and trust of our people are very important for us whatever we do whatever we see in any case to stability in the country. the quality of all people and no infringe the rights of people of any religions race language or nationality should be the main focus of our activities. these are the base of everything i strictly controlling any shock and told to dust we will overcome any difficulties we experience the collapse of the soviet union. we were in such a condition as ukraine has now quit and think others without wages and without pensions. i spoke to people and we came out of the situation according to the president today context and like any other state should be especially careful and vigilant in the recent ankle widespread concern is no exception. due to the report of the election competing i'll collapse of the three second tier banks has extensive it since it began to withdraw money and close the deposit accounts as a result the president himself had to intervene and explain to the that there are no bankrupt banks among the domestic. with that. we should not allow any jumps which end of the most mentally providing a gradual improvement in the wealth of
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our people in developing national economy. recent events have shown that in the vigil which is in effect the situation the country the general prosecutor's office. what about the person who spread the misleading information. bobo. for more computer work. arrested him for twenty days and initiated a criminal case. it will work if you work at a bank yet he worked in the bank now he is not working anymore. he spread this information among his friends. the distinctive high estimates to the implementation of the national security strategy out of the strategy will be amended taken into consideration the new challenges. for the store's owner offers cruises with a second evaluation in nineteen ninety eight because of the economic crisis and seven eastern countries. we are affected by global changes we found a way out of the crises we face big challenges in two thousand and one survivor things are reserves. i want to say that we take every population in the country's development switching to a sports expo two thousand seventeen is
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getting closer and awe stuck considers the issues related to security during the international exhibition this is the second topic of the agenda the president said the kazakhstan has to attract the best international practices in the field of safety and should use common rules and standards for protection in the fine responsibility of competent authorities. an assault in the semi propose to establish their cost of a company in the country which will cover the needs of the domestic market the corresponding steve was announced by the president during a meeting with the head of the canadian company but bart is the world's largest manufacturer of railway equipment and support aircraft prospects of the operation of this company think of it and also discussed during the meeting yes yes. it is. we live in trees or receive you. we are very interested in cooperation with such a world famous company has been harder to open up when largest airline companies with modern techniques and technologies. moreover your companies engaged in the production of four and transport and other vehicles of all to india's future representative office of
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the company will open in context and in order to work on the entire region. this is the comparable i want to assure you that the delivery of the aircraft is only small part of our business we want to bring our technologies and know how to extend the one to educate and train cars and piloting creek center for aircraft maintenance. we really hope for long term cooperation. what is the third largest civil aircraft manufacturer boeing and airbus partition with the canadians will not only being that you hear transportation orders also the largest manufacturer of where we equipment to do with it your talks resume to the ministry of transport and communications and consistent usually you'll go so much to agree on the destruction of tram lines in the city start to work then we'll talk about training of pilots and technical maintenance. so don't just go with it. we are going. store. they're awesome and the struggling company was created thirteen years ago in partnership with the british company pc
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systems. the president expressed hope that the man has been their context and has the highest level. you know that last year a awesome us to use interval props today we serve only twelve out of the twenty one cities of context and at some airports cannot receive our big planes creating a new company is a bit mixed up there are many examples when large companies were too busy market. i'm sure it will affect the moment so we teach in the country. several cousins and changes approaches to managing subsidy companies and investment policy it will happen under the new program defines transformation program emphasizes transition from the current position role of administrator of state assets to the position of an active investor to get the chair the meeting whether past present in the future the company was discussed in the program emphasizes changes related to personnel technology in work clothes ha of funds in the project will be reduced by thirty percent the remaining seven percent we attractive for foreign investors. several cars guy is going to make twenty percent of its assets private there is a list of specific companies. pierre ap the fun continues to write up non
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performing assets four hundred and eighty two out of seven hundred and thirty non performing assets were eliminated by the end of two thousand thirteen seven thirty of them spoke about the necessity to improve conditions for foreign partners. he pointed out that kazakhstan has to attract long term investors the rows of evil for all investors domestic and foreign ones. he should be transparent and understandable. otherwise no one will come here we can now rely on only those multi national corporations which have entered into long term contracts of some sort area investor should come here for a long time. we so make sure that they believe in our business and stability of both law and are for their actions. you know. i will post one. according to the chairman of the management board at alliance bank to mark the supply of negotiations of reconstructing alliance bank will start next week is expected to discuss the conditions and the order of online state obligations free fun with the creditors committee the bank continues to operate on the market in normal mode the head of
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the financial institution assured that the bank will continue to grant loans in the nearest future the structure will continue to provide high quality and competitive services moreover to introduce innovations. over the course work to get the youth lending continues there's a certain demand for loans in genoa demand for loans is one of the main indicators of general economic growth our economy is growing. i believe the economy will grow more and faster the competitiveness of the economy as a whole is increasing. therefore we will even read some lightning is one of the most promising areas for private banks in the next two years but the mortimer still thought was is it going with that. i gained some perspective the first results of the cancer treatment state program or summarize an awesome condo was ten thousand people die every year to extend the main purpose of the program is to improve on the statistics five high tech centers of radiation oncology have been going on today. soon they all left the us tonight telling them that the physicians use six types of screening which detect cancer early stage
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the reporting open doors for march. first of march fifteen all clinics. we need to raise awareness among the people. you conclude. an exhibition of restored museum exhibits open and the santos take the salmon arm up to the event features nine hundred and sixteen restored exhibit paintings watercolor paintings viable documents in manuscripts archaeological finds weapons in julie. this is only a small part of the most interesting works of the last three years. they came back to the third fourth eighteenth and nineteenth centuries the restoration center was opened in the knees in twenty years ago specialists are working in different directions graphics ceramics soft equipment would lead the bone and metal with special restoration passports where we describe the condition before the restoration me right now my current condition. what images of losses the item has a photograph or takes a photo and only then we begin to
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work so hard to survive what is the case in the restoration of paintings exhibition features one of our works to restore a painting by cause law called shoe makers. it was painted with oil and no further information is available. his response has been the work process is very interesting i notice and images on the painting in ebit to be restored. we still work very carefully with these works seriously the cheese was pleased to know the work of the famous artists like lord of that has seventeen nail holes is presented in the museum cover we will learn who did it and for what reason. interestingly that the first information about the restores has appeared in the middle ages as this year's professional restoration schools open in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries the megan's law of the specialist is no intervention in the historical material with maximum presentation of original work. the latest news is that three got the dogs cuts out that stevie got kate said. the expert
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support state executive search agency conducted a study to reveal the modern image of a typical causes the event and it was found under the main problem because expense of managers is the lack of highly qualified professionals the poll involve the participation of more than five hundred editors in chief executives of local and international companies operating as expensive as well as local market experts and human resources majority of ceos complained that a lot of companies try to outbid each other for qualified professionals. the rpc turned out to be the second the key problem on top managers the stoppage number will go up go to the teachings of the posts of people are dead before the second biggest nights in a bureaucratic issues are handled by governmental bodies. it is not always the case that these issues are resolved quickly or they don't always know what to react to them
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sing with her. the marks of the stoppage list that keeps the doctor that it is technically having the skills of successful ceos include high level of professional expertise in the industry and professionally establish that the patient followed by managerial skills. some of your name on an ice storm though it's just most the snow. yesterday was nice to see teaching duties of the manager to be aware of what is happening on the market and ability to develop and realize long term plans by law determining five to ten years. especially this tv pc activity such as the piano didn't occur to you from the cbc tv business owner safety requirements for top managers of catholics than before one of the key requirements was operational skills labor market experts believe that because of the crisis and employment of european american expats domestic business managers have lost the drive for staying sharp in the present moment. the political divisiveness sitting in the mob boss at the second
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important point for the modern business leaders involves innovation creativity is a village to the companies to find their unique advantage and position on the market which is currently not going as actively as before. yet i still have to knock the blanks. moreover owners of businesses tend to assess priscilla treats of top managers key for creepy and the most evil features a character that were noted our friendliness and ability to work in teams. britain's biggest bank hsbc has to pay its employees bonuses despite the eu rules which forbid this the guardian reports thus it is pc and tested had its chief executive officer stuart little or no ice with thirty two thousand years for week according to the publication hsbc became the first british bank to disclose its way to bypass restrictions on reducing those by brussels. according to the audio reports the bonus pool for employees of hsbc rose by six percent and reached the point nine billion dollars in two thousand thirteen. samsung has officially presented the flagship smartphone
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galaxy s by a visit to the crew reports the smartphone has a number of new features and functions in particular a fingerprint scanner apart retention as well as a new user interface and new operating system android four point four international shipments of the smartphone to begin in april. germany's largest financial conglomerate which biden announced its plans to conduct his face that says the financial times reports according to the new speaker of the cut the amount will be from four hundred billion us dollars to about three hundred billion us dollars mainly with the help of a transfer of several divisions to europe or asia. this move was prompted by the new rules introduced by the federal reserve system. it's
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the dough. ay ay ay ay. and it is . all the i am. i know
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stone. they think the quilt that won the office during the manufacturing markets to fall to the team proved highly successful media coverage of common affecting production at the table. this is for you my official duties has increased by fifty nine percent from two thousand quilt one hundred and sixty five point seven housing units in two thousand and fifteen ninety eight twenty thousand units in two thousand and twelve growing consumer them on increasing purchasing power the common market and continued government support will be key factors behind the scenes with significant investment includes accepted into the industry along with increased market share truthfully the components of production segment long to
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post a comment telling me to stink up the fundamental thing i could get richer while the local produce to feed those who reach higher median three hundred units to one thousand people. this just run together though it's close to tears and not his upkeep bicycle blocking on the tee. besides issues of attracting clients providing them with high twenty two said the same day she's had it has shown that the decree of the stc provides the energy conservation issues. the star is located on the town feel and this is not about to score a docent olds on these rooms required information to us
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ventilation system installed in the civic theater is quite time consuming and almost two hundred and twenty k in about hours of interest to waste it the most important tasks set by the developers was to reduce the energy intensity of the system. stamina than to make sometimes bordered on it is not a word that explains. that meant a sea of energy conservation and ventilation systems. many clients and residents do not see this ventilation system although any building any shopping center. all these building must have a ventilation system. last season was due to ventilation come the three times as significant as he tell the whole building. from what appeared to. a system developed to suggest he's adding warmth in buildings and nigeria with the help of the keep racing. the selected item not to let it cook in a suit standing for taking back
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the running to the prices of heat exchange by means of its heat is taken from the knitting away at and is transmitted to the vcat calm down. seperation its efficiencies noticeable in well ventilated place. you may not notice it a few i knit socks but it also depends on the number of people in the plot. however uconn to be and this in the next round which an offence in a seat because to be quite unpleasant. that didn't fit into and through sutton from two pm. he saw three new system which was neat because it's nice to see him as the developers testers it to the front. hmm wonder where the mayan that is being repeated sub region. energy efficiency is commonplace in the west but it wasn't easy and so it's natural that people want to make sure what the treaty was to set an example when stored it is not
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done to them. though the heat from all these web is ezekiel in a teasing special teams so called concedes that indicated he eats flat mates sales departments money to keep you should not explains it is what i want a consultant to plump with tg comedy program is implemented it up lunch hour in system is installed atop lunch and it is easy to come he wouldn't it. it operates in the fun and made a cost of one man is taken from the rain by the means is that to me to have seats. when it was passing through to keeper a chance to win them and i had to exchange it begins its energy its heat to the incoming data and then this one and a sponge it into our ways. but the wall with a little while before you go for the political deals when it came to mind the typical remorseful. we knew one of the ventilation system as
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help to reduce energy costs without requiring causing interference in the architectural on the building. also i know we do get results. let's see when our conscience or the highest energy bill he was surprised to see not only they come to expect we all say was surprised because the costs went down by seventy percent. it is a very good advantage of this system this team. this is tmi destination of the system requires only an act of the construction of the old system is that he insists that would embrace wallace and didn't construct new buildings i think she knew z or knitting needle and improvement in energy efficiency was amended in tonight's twenty fifty. these requirements of the adhesive dots and counties as well as common building permits for example it is not about to
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bring into operation new facilities. she quits for the pd pisces and or to make to teach consumption making the two systems. i mean the most feared italian drama fought in crimes. nothing and no one are what or who they seem. not distinguished looking on the way. now police officers. not only yours. my children. or even old fisherman. eleven so for
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this. don't answer that determined to see beneath the surface is inspector frank the stunningly was laid back manner belies his drive to get the truth. i knew i would. the is the role as a fast. says salome is that and it stayed. it's good the team this week as a lucas and earnings. it's too soon. series ability to uncover the truth may be his greatest strength. it also gets him in constant conflict with his superiors. sydney nsw and also my concrete opener. it is so rich and beautiful but the latest addition one of the final two commandments. most of them really. lemieux has hit its
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peak and recently scored a goal come up. the new issue increasingly fully to go amazingly the name of the stall. most of the time he maintains an impasse and exterior which masks the ever present grief over the death of his wife were given a stunningly good. get a new years eve and prettier. as for corso. when the testimony of the mountains. the series has turned this into question i am . two heat. when
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seeking. do. women who has a huge need. i think. it should what do i see it. he's not comfortable with other people's expressions of feeling. which leads to what may be one of the italian television's most genuinely awkward moments the kid. ty is somewha more open. fall in crime stunned and enthusiastic television audience in italy. we ran for three seasons between two thousand five and two thousand ninety eight the story is based on the novels of malaria for a seat which became popular for their sense of history and her exploration of the aisle causes of crime. only two of his novels have been translated into english and the book serve as a departure point for the series episodes
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rather than providing specific storyline. mary is played by a local bar for us he who brings a depth to his trail of a complicated man in addition to his acting career. barbara. he is a well known figure in italy because of his political involvement having served as a member of parliament since two thousand and eight he became famous in nineteen eighty through his association with the notorious horror film cannibal holocaust. a film so unrealistic its director was arrested on murder charges barbara. he was one of four actors killed in the film who sign contracts requiring them to stay out of all media for year. in order to fuel rumors that the film was an actual snuff movie. only thing that contracts were canceled and the actors appeared on a tv show where the charges against the filmmaker drop and. the issue. human skin the love interest in
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fighting crime displayed by russian actress natasha stott can you tell who began her acting career after winning the look of the year contest in russia in nineteen ninety one. she then traveled to italy and began a career in films and as a popular tv host. before stephanie who became famous as the model and actress. she earned an undergraduate degree in moscow studying metal engineering. stir until smooth. status the students i salute you can see it i know. main character in the series is the river hull it shakes alinsky the climate in the lives of people who live on it stinks both rich and four. is anyone who tries to look beneath the surface of things
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unseen. power its effect and its history can never be fully understood. new issues people store. and it also hides their seats. secrets that publication are just covered by people like signposts neri who have eyes to see. i do. the ah . in the coach loans to small legion of outstanding natural beauty. he teased its intent to steal to make me th. i do
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telling the weekend became wealthy. takes you to these areas. the area. slow steady don't get me going each day the air. we made it onto the streets. the street in which ideally gracie. oh the chance to remedy that the many courts close in age it's part of the country the new new new living room
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i mean eye. he is a homesick longer are. he's a multi talented maestro who taught himself music in film scoring. his life story is in its collective minds. new su it's been been

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